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Parma Ham's nutritional values

Parma Ham's nutritional values

Calories of Parma Ham and benefits for the diet

How many calories has Parma Ham?
100 grammes of Parma Ham (without grease) has approximately 145 kcal and 607 kj.

Peculiarities of Parma Ham

Parma Ham is a product, which is rich of saturated fats, it means fats that are good for the healthy.
Then the natural antioxidants have the ability to forbid the action of free radicals, which are the main causes of the cellular aging and degenerative diseases. Moreover, there is a big quantity of vitamins E, B1, B6, B12 and PP.

It is important to highlight the complete absence of colourants and preservatives in Parma Ham, in addition to substances which are potentially toxic such as heavy metals.
Parma Ham constitutes an extremely balanced food and is rich of nutritional properties, which are able to have a positive influence on the organism, even in moments and phases such as the growth of the child, the old age, slimming diet and sports activity.

Does Parma Ham make you fat?

Parma Ham is recommended in all diets because of its low content of fats, the presence of free amino acids and high protein digestibility.

Parma Ham results leaner than other types, because in the process of production it is divided into sections that is through the removal of all the lard from the pork’s back. 

Proteins of Parma Ham

The high protein content is important in the nutritional values of Parma Ham: in fact proteins are essential in a balanced diet, because they are components of muscles, tendons and cartilage, but also components of enzymes and antibodies. Proteins of Parma Ham constitute approximately 25,9%, but this value can reach 29,1% when Parma Ham is degreased.

The long maturing of Parma Ham makes possible that 20% of the total protein percentage is composed by free amino acids (such as valine, leucine and isoleucine) which make it an easily digestible food, but it contributes to reduce the increase of kidneys and of the organism in the process of the proteins. These properties make it a suitable food for everyone, also for children, eldery people, sportsmen and sportswomen and anyone who has problems in the digestion of proteins.

As far as mineral salts are concerned, we can underline that there are important quantities of potassium, phosphorous, zinc, selenium; iron is another important element, which is present in its highest bio-availability and so it can be easily absorbed by the organism. 

Cholesterol in Parma Ham

100 grammes of Parma Ham (without degrease) contain approximately 53 mg of cholesterol. All cold cuts contain cholesterol and satured fats, for this reason you have to choose the healthier cold cuts and limit the consumption in your diet, above all in the diet of whom yet shows hypercholesterolemia and/or familiarity with cardiovascular diseases.

Parma Ham is one of the cold cuts with less cholesterol, in fact its consumption is recommended by experts (preferably twice a week).

Parma Ham during pregnancy

The diet of future mothers has to be not only genuine and complete, but it requires also an absolute attention to specific kinds of foods which could cause infections and problems, among these the major risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, an infection that can cause serious damages to the liver if it takes place in women who aren’t immune, in the first stages of pregnancy.

Carriers of toxoplasmosis can be poorly washed vegetables, raw meats or few cooked (especially game), fresh sausages or few matured cured meats and not pasteurized milk products.

The situation changes if the products are put to freezing, cooking or long maturing.

Parma Ham, given that it is salted and matured for more than 13 months, can be considered an harmless product. 

Parma Ham during the suckling

During the suckling, the mother can eat everything. In fact during the suckling, the diet can be various and it is necessary to increase the daily caloric contribution of 500 Kcal during the day, because to produce milk requires energies.

These 500 Kcal extra have to be always taken keeping the usual relation among the different nutrients and through healthy and controlled foods.

The only forbidden substances are alcohol and smoke, while it is recommended to limit the consumption of milk products because proteins of cow’s milk are in contrast with those of mother’s milk. 

Does Parma Ham contain lactose?

Parma Ham doesn’t contain lactose and it is the only cured meat, with Bresaola, which isn’t treated with lactose.

If you are intolerant of lactose, it is necessary to avoid Smoked Ham, because it contains a lot of lactose. 

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