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The best Lambrusco

The best Lambrusco

It is hard to define what kind of Lambrusco is better and taster, because actually it would be more appropriate to talk about Lambrusco in a plural form, as the varieties are more than one.

Between the best wines you can find Lambrusco Maestri, cultivated variety especially in the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia, as the name “Maestri” gives evidence and it seems that derives from “Villa Maestri”, in the municipality of San Pancrazio in the province of Parma. Lambrusco di Parma IGP in fact should include at least for 85% the variety Lambrusco Maestri.

This vine is often produced in grape blend with other varieties of Lambrusco, and it is appreciated for its ability to give colour, tannicity and body to wine. These wines with an intense ruby colour are known as “Lambruschi scuri” (Dark Lambrusco) and are typical of Reggio Emilia and Parma.

A masterpiece that comes into the world from this variety of species of vine is Lambrusco Otello Nero di Lambrusco with a gold label produced in the cellars Ceci. Lambrusco Otello was the first wine to receive the five bunches of the Italian Association Sommelier, an important recognition, which is guarantee of quality and excellence.

The history of Lambrusco Otello begins in the ’30 when an host of Parma, Otello Ceci, served salumi and Lambrusco to the customers of his restaurant. In a short time Lambrusco in the bowl of Otello succeeded in a clamorous manner. Otello became the first label of Ceci cellars, successful reality at national and international level and author of some of the most important pages of the wine history of Parma’s province.

This red sparkling wine with a medium body shows an extraordinary red violet colour and a full and captivating scent, with a fragrance of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Lambrusco Ceci is the best Lambrusco you can desire: its great tannicity is alleviated by residual sugars, which make it ideal combined with products of Parma’s tradition. Moreover it is an ideal wine for every meal, great with typical salumi of Parma, from Prosciutto Crudo to Culatello di Zibello, from Salame di Felino to Coppa di Parma. It spendidly accompanies also typical dishes of Emilian cuisine: lasagna alla Bolognese, pappardelle, cotechino and zampone.

You have to serve Lambrusco at a temperature included between 8-10 °C, preferably in wine glasses or glasses with a wide diameter.

From Lambrusco Maestri vines of Ariola farms comes into the world Lambrusco Gran Cru Marcello, sparkling red wine of Parma.

The term “cru” points wines of specific quality: in fact Lambrusco Marcello is a a refined red wine, award-winning in Italy and all over the world. Between different recognitions, Lambrusco Marcello Ariola was awarded at the International Wine Challenge of London and Vinitaly 2011.

Its taste is wide, captivating, with shades of blackberries and a memorable final. Its scent is fragrant and fruity, with shades of Marasca cherry, berries and roses.

Lambrusco Marcello is excellent with all typical dishes of Parmesan cuisine: cold cuts, anolini, first courses with sauces and ragù, roast Rose of Parma, boiled meats, stews and dishes of fish. 

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