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Deboned shankless PDO Leporati Parma Ham dry cured for minimum 24 months approx 8 kg

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The PDO Leporati is the first Parma Ham to obtain a product certification. Choose the 24 dry cured, deboned and shankless version, ready to slice.

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The PDO Leporati is the first Parma Ham to obtain a product certification. Only the finest pork thighs are used in its production, selected for their weight, thickness of fat and meat compactness. PDO Parma Ham is made exclusively from pure Italian pork and a pinch of salt. Free from preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. Quality ingredients, production methods and nature's helping hand: these are the secrets behind Parma Ham.

Production is entirely artisanal. Each and every haunch is hand trimmed. Only the salt masters know the exact amount of salt required to confer each haunch with the unique sweetness of Parma Ham. The Marino, a dry wind of the Parma hills which blows from the sea, then caresses the pork haunches suspended in ripening rooms.The aging process (never shorter than 12 months) is followed by a final inspection conducted by the Parma Quality Institute. The five-point Ducal crown branded onto every ham is an official quality stamp of certification for PDO Parma Ham. This select ham, full of flavor, sweet and salted to just the right point, features a 100% natural taste.Find out more about its qualities, how to serve and preserve it.



Genuine Parma Ham can be recognized at a glance: a rounded shape, unique aroma, an unmistakably sweet, delicate flavor and fragrant aroma. A whole Parma Ham should weigh between 8 and 10 kilograms: under no circumstances should it way less than 7 kilograms. The inside is a uniform pink color, interspersed with white fat. This traditional Italian cured meat is appreciated all over the world for its many qualities: it is sweet, healthy, genuine and entirely free from preservatives and additives. The unmistakable taste of a natural product, the fruit of loving artisanal production, just like the hams from the good old days.


Nutritional Values

Nutritionists and experts certify that PDO Parma Ham is a healthy food suitable for daily consumption. Parma Ham has a high nutritional value: it is low in fat, high in vitamins, mineral salts and proteins which are easily assimilated. Its high digestibility means that it is ideal for children, sportsmen and the elderly. It is low in fats, and those that it contains are of the healthy kind. Parma Ham contains a high percentage of unsaturated fats, the healthiest kind. One of these, oleic acid, is the same monounsaturated fat contained in extra virgin olive oil which helps in the prevention of heart disease.

Branded chain amino acids are an important part of the diet of those who practice physically intense sports: valine, leucine and isoleucine all detoxify, help to combat fatigue and repair muscle tissue damaged by prolonged stress. Parma Ham is a complete and tasty food: it is rich in B vitamins and a variety of easily absorbable minerals. E vitamins and selenium protect against the action of free radicals which cause cell deterioration.


How to serve

You can use a cutter to slice Parma Ham. First, trim the rind using a sharp knife. You may choose to trim more or less fat. A word of advice: never trim all of the fat as this may compromise taste. Slices should be thin, but not excessively so: ideally they should be paper thin. Parma Ham tastes good with everything. Try it on its own, with fresh crusty bread, or with butter and toasted bread, bread sticks and musk melon, figs or exotic fruits- pineapple for example.

It makes a tasty filling for piadina (flat bread), or served with mozzarella. Parma Ham is a classic ingredient of Parma and Emilia cuisine - it is used in rosa di Parma meatloaf and tortellini filling. It is best served with a white dry aromatic wine, such as Malvasia dei Colli di Parma or a light, young and fruity red wine from Emilia, such as Lambrusco di Sorbara Rosato.


How to Store

If deboned and vacuum packed, Parma Ham can be stored for no longer than 6 months in a refrigerator (between 4 and 6°C). Bone-in Ham can be stored for no longer than 12 months in a cool and dry pantry (between 17 and 20°C). Once opened, the product should be placed in a refrigerator; spread a small amount of olive oil onto the exposed part and then cover with tin foil or film.

Ingredienti: carne di suino, sale

Allergeni, additivi e OMG non sono impiegati all’interno del processo produttivo della Leporati Prosciutti Langhirano SpA


Peso:  8 kg ca.


Scadenza: Il prosciutto di Parma  Leporati disossato ha data di scadenza di 6 mesi successivi alla data di disossatura.

Produttore: Prodotto da Leporati Prosciutti Langhirano S.P.A

Strada Langhirano, 29 – 43013 Langhirano – Parma (PR)



Conservazione: conservare a temperatura < +10°C, conservare a temperatura < +7°C quando messo al taglio mantenendo la parte muscolare coperta per evitare ossidazioni e incrostazioni.

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With the possibility of returning the purchased products

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