Look at the The Traditional Food of Emilia Romagna!

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1. You are always welcome at his home. He will be happy to offer you a good glass of Lambrusco.

2. Tell him that tortellini are the same of agnolini: this is the worst way to say this.

3. He can even think that your ragù is excellent... but it will never be as that of his mom.

4. Dinner parties at his home are always an adventure: you know how you enter but not how you'll came out.

5. If you ask him for help at fixing your old car, the day after he'll return it in a limited edition.

6. Once he has learnt to ride a bike, he'll never let it.

7. Birthday, name day, patron saint's day, mom's birthday... for him any excuse to celebrate.

8. His conversations never turn more than 140 letters. #straightout

9. Christmas with his parents, Easter the same.

10. He doesn't right-swip you, he looks for you and hug you.