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The Felino Salami PGI is one of the most typical product of our territory and is one of the more convivial cold cuts that exist.

The Felino Salami has to be born in a very specific territory, that of the Province of Parma.
How can you recognise an authentic Felino Salami PGI?

1. It must weighing between 500g. and 700g.
2. The product must be compact and its consistency not elastic.
3. The shape must be cylindrical, with a lenght between 15 and 130cm.
4. The meat colour must be ruby-red, untarnished.
5. The taste must be sweet and delicate.
6. It's left to mature in traditional cellars and it is cut when it's seasoned at least 60/90 days.

How it is cut? Felino Salami must be cut by hand, on a large wooden cutting board with a long sharp knife. Slices must not be perpendicular to the lenght of salami, but longitudinal, thick as a black-peppercorn, so 3-4 millimetres.

How it is manteined? If the salami is intact you can store it at cellar temperature (10 °-17°). Once opened, you should put it into a refrigerator, wrapped in a canvas or in organic paper.

How it is enjoyed? Felino Salami is tasty with everything: bread plus salami is a classic, however, is excellent also with Parmigiano Reggiano flakes, you have to try these of Vacche Brune: a real savory goodness! All gently accompained by great wine: Lambruso or Malvasia.