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The PDO Parma Ham is product, supervised by a very stringed product specification during the production, which guarantees an excellent quality to the consumer, provided by the signature of each member of the sector, allowing to get back to the procucer and to verify every step of the production chain.

An esential condition in order to obtain the PDO Parma Ham is that the whole processing occurs in a limitated area, including the territory of Parma provinces, in which the climate conditions are ideal for natural maturing that gives sweetness and flavour to the ham.

I think that it is sublime, healthy and genuine, by a heady smell.
Additives and preservatives are not used to produce it, and the result is a product totally authentic. The copious salting and the hills air make the rest.

As always, the quality and the attention during the selection of feedstock make the difference. Its intense palability and sweetness come together to a high nutritional value.

It's law-fat, it has vitamins and protein easily digestible and many minerals: it's for everyone thanks to its digestibility, optimum for children, sportspeople and elders.

The hams are generously exposed in my gastronomic stores in privileged racks.
I've dedicated a picturesque local to the ham: the Degusteria, characterised by hams hanging from the ceiling and an atmosphere of unique flavourings where you can taste typical products.

How can you eat it? Quality ham is so good that can be eaten alone, or accompained by fragrant bread.
Who can resist a swwet-smelling ham sandiwich and a glass of wine?