Look at the The Traditional Food of Emilia Romagna!

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A current tendency in the world of food is the discover of the varieties of beer taste and its versatility with any dish.

Nowadays the phenomenon of beer is growing fast, the number of aware and curious consumers who appreciate its flavour and the pontentiality of combination with no ordinary food is now multiplying.

Bock beer is suitable for the savoury salami and speck, whereas with a sweet cured ham is necessary the delicacy of a Lager, a really good combination. The more full-bodied beer as a Bitter Ale may finally complement bresaola and smoked ham.

The cheeses world is the more pleasant match with beer. In this case, except for mozzarella and ricotta, which respectively require a Lager and a Blanche, the better choise could be between full-bodied beers. In fact, if a Lager beer is perfect for the caciotte and robiole cheeses, a Block beer for pecorino and Parmigiano Reggiano, an Ale beer will be so good for spicy and matured cheeses. In other words, the great combination between beer and raw food is varied.

As criterion to be geared, remember that more delicate recipes require light beer, while significant dishes require beer with a strong and persistent flavour. And so, make sure to do the right match between the beer taste and the food flavour.

But especially don't forget that this is a game in which you can enjoy yourself if you will be curious in experiencing. Now it's your turn, have fun!