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Today, Silvano Romani tells you about Parmigiano Reggiano's virtues. Enjoy the reading!

"Since I was child, I've always been a fan of Parmigiano Reggiano... in the countryside it was given to children as a snack, because it has always been considered healthy e nutritious.

I've always been gourmand of this and the same passion has increased with my job, which let me meet several companies of excellence and know many types of milik and maturing. 

The Parmigiano Reggiano virtues have not changed over the years, because the processing of this great food has been preserved almost identical over the centuries. By unmistakable taste, smooth but distinct, Parmigiano is the king of the healthy and balanced diet, source of high biological value protein, of vitamins and minerals. But has this cheese no defect? According to nutritionists, it's difficult to find some.

Actually Parmigiano has many virtues. First of all, it is an important source of protein: 100 grams contain about 33 grams of protein. These are high biological value protein which incorporate the so called "essential" amino acids, that our body is not able to synthesize by itself. The production process and the maturation period provoke the protein fragmentation into smaller "pieces", the peptites from which our digestive system extracts with fewer difficulties these essential amino acids. That's why Parmigiano Reggiano is easily digestible

In addition, it's an important source of calcium (almost 1.2 grams for 100 grams) and it is full of type B vitamins, iron and zinc that increase the defence capacity of the cells in our immune system... to eat Pamigiano, therefore, shall contribute to defende themselves against the attacks of harmful external agents. Inside Parmigiano, then there is a real concentration of nutrients. In fact to obtain a kilogram of Parmigiano are needed 16 litres of milk, and compared to other food, the nutritional power for 100 grams of Parmigiano is like that of 300 grams of beef or 700 grams of fish. 

And so... what else? Perfect for every age, special on many dishes and allied with lots of recipes!"