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Whole deboned Culatta (rump) dry cured with rind approx. 4.5 kg

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Whole deboned Culatta (rump) with rind, selected by us and ready to be sliced. A big cold cut which you can savor piece by piece, over time. The rind protects the cold cut during the maturing process, resulting in a sweeter taste and softer slice.

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Whole deboned Culatta (rump) dry cured with rind, dry cured in Parma cellars. When compared to traditional Culatello, the taste is sweeter and the slice is softer.

Culatta is made from the shank of pigs farmed in Italy. It is hand prepared, salted and spiced. Upon slaughtering, the cut is encased in the pig's bladder, tied and matured for at least 12 months in a humid atmosphere, during winter fogs and sultry summer heat, typical of the climate of the Lower Parma area.



Culatta has a slightly more elongated form. It is bone-out and ready to be sliced. A slice of Culatta is uniform pink in color, interspersed with white fat. It has an intense and unique aroma, with notes of musk and rose. It is soft to the palate, with a sweet, full, enveloping and yet delicate taste.


Nutritional Values

When eaten in moderation, Culatta is an excellent food as part of a healthy diet. Like other cold cuts, Culatta is an important source of high biological value proteins (19.73g of protein per 100g of product), essential amino acids, iron and zinc.


How to serve

Derind the Culatta using a sharp knife. This cut is deboned and as such it is easy to cut even, uniform slices; waste is reduced to a minimum, consisting of the rind and perhaps some excess fat. It is best cut using a cutter: slices should be paper thin. Culatta is an excellent starter. Serve with toasted bread and a knob of butter, musk melon, figs, or simply wrap it around a breadstick. It is best served with a white dry aromatic wine, such as Malvasia dei Colli di Parma or a light, young and fruity red wine from Emilia, such as Lambrusco di Sorbara Rosato.


How to Store

Culatello with rind can be stored in a fresh and dry atmosphere- the temperature should not exceed 21-22°C. Once sliced, the cold cut should be placed in the lowest part of the refrigerator and the exposed part should be wrapped in a cloth soaked in white wine.

Ingredienti: carne di suino, sale, pepe


 Peso: 4.5 kg ca.


Conservazione: 10 mesi a 14/17c°


Produttore: Vescovi Renato S.R.L



Valori nutrizionali (media su 100g di prodotto)

    proteine gr: 25/30

    grassi gr: 12/15

    carboidrati gr: 0.5/1

    valore energetico: Kcal 257 (1074) (KJ)

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With the possibility of returning the purchased products

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