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Semi-mature Salcis Pecorino Tinto Rosso approx. 1.5 kg

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Tuscan cheeses are flavorsome, genuine and balanced in flavor. Discover the unique flavor of Sienna semi-mature Tinto Rosso Pecorino.

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From Tuscan traditional semi-hard cheeses, we bring you Sienna semi-mature Tinto Rosso Salcis Pecorino, from the masters of cold cut and cheese production. Tinto Rosso Pecorino is aged for at least 60 days and then treated with tomato concentrate. The cheese is straw yellow in color, with a crumbly and slightly granular texture. Its balanced flavor makes it perfect for aperitifs or starters.

Ingredienti: latte di pecora pastorizzato, sale, caglio

Contiene latte e derivati. Rif. Dir. 2003/89/CE

OMG: assenti Rif. Reg. 1829/2003/CE e 1830/2003/CE


Peso : da 1,5 kg CA.


Scadenza: Da consumarsi preferibilmente entro 12 mesi dalla data di spedizione

Produttore: SALCIS - ITALIA

Conservazione: in luogo fresco, a T < +14°C


Valori nutrizionali (per 100g)       

 Kcal:436                  Kj: 1806

Zuccheri     1,15%

Proteine     23,8%

Grassi          35,9%

Umidità       38,7%

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With the possibility of returning the purchased products

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