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Our grandmothers already knew about it and at the time they used to give a snack of Parmigiano Reggiano to their little. Nowadays the Science can attest that Parmigiano Reggiano is an exellent food to encourage the growth of children and it represents a genuine alternative to pop-tarts. Its specific nutritional properties make it a healthy product and easier to digest, it is also particulary advised, from 36-months onwards, in lactose intolerant cases.

During the last years some studies of the scientific community, disclosed with the support and the frequent participation of experts of Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, confirmed these beneficial capacities, arasing from a specific factor: the time.
During the maturing, the fermentation, the protein molecules of casein progressively break down thanks to the enzymes and bacteria action, which anticipates the digestion in the stomack, within the Parmigiano itself, ensuring it highly digestible. Maturing shall also determine the creation of oligosaccharides, agents that produce a pre-biotic effect which supports the development of the intestinal flora.
Finally, the digestion facility includes an increased facility in calcium absorption into the bony tissues, known to be one of the most important aspect in the development of the youngest people. Parmigiano, then, is an excellent help in guaranteeing a regular supply in calcium, especially for people who could not eat milk and milk derivative.

The daily ration recommended by pediatrician is approximately 50 grams, a right quantity in order to cover at least half of the calcium requirement: beyond Parmigiano cheese on the first meal, we would suggest a simple but delicious snack as parmigiano with honey or fresh fruit. A traditional combination... a guaranteed success!