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Today, Silvano Romani tells you why the Parmigiano Reggiano Red Cows is such a special cheese. Enjoy the reading!

"As you could imagine, Parmigiano is my favourite cheese, that I grew up with. When I was a child and I used to live in the countryside, I used to go with my brother and sister to the diary farm near home and we used to eat tosone cheese, wrapped in paper as a snack. 

For who does not know what is it, the tosone is the trimming of Parmigiano Reggiano just produced, in the form of bands before being brined. Several of us usually associate Parmigiano-Reggiano with the typical 24 months, however there are various types of these which my clients and I really appreciate, one of these is Parmigiano Red Cows... Do you know it?

It is a cheese with a minimum ripening period of 24 months, compared to the 12 months of traditional Parmigiano Reggiano, which gives it a characteristic intense aroma and a resulting better digestibility. Despite the long maturing period, it keeps a sweet, delicate and persistent flavour. Furthermore, also the organoleptic properties are differrent. Its feautures are the straw-colored interior, the elasticity of the granular crumbly texture, the deep smooth aroma, which is mainteined even more than 30 months of maturing. 

Why is it so special? Because it is born of Red Cows milk of the breed Reggiana, cattle privileged that feed on just hay, grass and flowers. This is the reason why their milk is especially preferred: it's full of protein, casein and calcium that make it more digestible and nourishing compared to any other Parmigiano.

If you want to taste it, you will be welcome in my butchers!"