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The heat is came, we would like to eat fresh,quick, swift dishes... what could be better than an exellent Parma Ham paired with typical summer food?
For example, it's optimum during this season so rich in juicy products, to eat ham with fresh fruit, which glorifies its flavour. Ham savory taste becomes complementary to that sweet of fruit,creating a perfect marriage.

The combo ham and melon is quite classic: but if you flavors melon with porto, adding some leaves of mint, you can vary the taste as if you add diced feta cheese, a drizzle olive oil and a little of balsamic vinegar.
Also figs are great with melon, with a bit of honey and a creamy burrata mozzarella.
Mature pears are so good too, with the addition of shaved Parmigiano Reggiano or pieces of Asiago cheese and balsamic vinegar.

If you love exotic fruits, matching ham with slices of ananas, kiwi or avacado will amaze you and it would be a delicious idea for aperitif, they may also be threaded onto practical and easily wooden skewers to eat standing up.
As you can see, there are testy pairing to suit all tastes. Which one do you prefer?